Spark PR on civic engagement and social responsibility

Written By: Maria Connolly, event director

Public relations classes teach prospective college graduates how to do many things. These classes focus on writing, the media, crisis management and community relations. Working with the nonprofit ALS, Spark PR constantly engages with the community and actively learns what social responsibility in public relations means in real world contexts.

Civic engagement is defined by the actions used to identify and address issues that concern the public. This definition, taken straight from The American Psychological Association, speaks for each PR firm that represents a nonprofit.

Spark PR’s client, The ALS Association Louisiana-Mississippi Chapter, engages in civic responsibility through their role in health care in our community. The ALS Association is the primary resource in Baton Rouge for patients immediately diagnosed with ALS until their battle with the disease concludes. The nonprofit also offers support groups for patients and caregivers of the disease.

The Business Dictionary defines social responsibility as the obligation of an organization’s management toward the welfare and interests of the society in which it operates. The ALS Association’s mission reflects this definition through its use of community outreach and programs and ALS advocacy. ALS does this through posting patient and caregiver testimonials, which can be read on its website.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.45.43 AM

Image taken from Stories of Courage.

The importance of civic engagement and social responsibility stretch far beyond the definition and study in the classroom. Each PR professional manages the line between their clients’ needs and the communities’ well being.

To find out more about the ALS Association Louisiana-Mississippi Chapter:





Maria Connolly, event director



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