Spark PR on Stewardship and Client Relationships

Stewardship is defined as “the activity or job of protecting and being responsible for something.” As a PR agency, Spark PR is responsible for creating a public relations campaign for the ALS Association Louisiana-Mississippi Chapter. Our agency has a duty to protect the organization’s image, however, without first establishing a relationship with the client, ALS is not likely to trust us with its image.

In the short amount of time Spark PR has worked with ALS, our agency has already developed a strong relationship with the organization. We make sure to maintain this relationship through weekly meetings, phone calls and text messages. Even if our agency does not have any specific questions or materials to walk through with our client, Spark PR always makes a point to check in via email or phone call. The course syllabus explains that after completion of this course, students will be able to “establish and maintain positive client relationships and work as a part of a public relations team.” Though the course is not yet complete, Spark PR is already more confident in our relationship building abilities.


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In an article from PRDaily, Nicole Messier describes five tips for enhancing client relationships.

  1. Weekly meetings, whether in person or over the phone, should be more than just a rattling off of the to-do list. Spark PR meets with ALS either in person or over the phone at least once a week. Our agency makes sure to maintain a two-way conversation, in which we ask for feedback and suggestions rather than simply “rattling off of the to-do list.”
  2. Schedule proactive brainstorming sessions with the client. Even if Spark PR doesn’t have a specific topic to discuss with ALS, we still meet weekly to share thoughts and discuss ideas.
  3. Strike a balance of getting to know the client personally and professionally. Rather than jumping right into business, Spark PR always takes the time to engage in small talk with our client for the few first few minutes of each meeting. Whether it’s “how was your conference?” or “are you having a good week?,” we do our best to get to know our client on a personal level.
  4. Don’t let weekly meetings become your only touch point with the client. Though we do meet with ALS in person or over the phone weekly, Spark PR is in constant contact with our client. We email or text our contacts at ALS daily.
  5. Remember to do “PR” for yourself. Spark PR wants to make sure our client trusts the work we are doing. Therefore, we keep ALS informed of the progress we have made and the success we have achieved. Whether it’s a good grade on an assignment or an engaging social media post, Spark PR always maintains two-way communication on chief milestones.

As future public relations professionals, the ability to establish and maintain client relationships is one of the most important skills we will learn. Our work with ALS thus far has given us valuable experience, and we hope to establish a lasting relationship.

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Anne Claire Aaron, account executive


Messier, N. (n.d.). 5 tips for enhancing client relations. Retrieved March 02, 2016, from

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