The Art of PR Writing from Spark PR.

Written By: Allison Ewing, co-strategy director

Writing has always been a valued form of communication. Lengthy letters were a primary source of communication before the invention of technology.  Modern technology has changed the way people communicate.Today writing has been greatly condensed. Do not let the length of today’s writings trick you because public relations writing is crucial to success.

There are different types of written communication that PR professionals use. Some examples include: press release, social media posts and newsletters.  Spark PR  has compiled basic principle tips for public relations writing.

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PR in Your Pajamas  reminds writers of the: inverted triangle, strong writing techniques, how to write to an audience and use of strong headlines.

Inverted triangle is a form of journalistic writing where the: who, what, where,when, why and how of a story comes first.

Strong writing can be accomplished by being specific and using active verbs. These principles make any writing piece seem more assertive, memorable and interesting.

When writing to an audience, messages will be better received when tailored to specific publics. Knowing who your audience is will determine the way you write.

Strong headlines are what catches the reader’s attention. These are critical because a headline will either draw a reader in or turn them away.

As a new public relations firm, Spark PR realizes that we may not have all the answers to our clients problems, but we do have the tools and resources to work was a team and solve these concerns to the best of our ability. For examples of Spark PR’s work, please follow The ALS Association Louisiana-Mississipi Chapter.

To find out more about The ALS Association Louisiana-Mississippi Chapter:





Allison Ewing, co-strategy director


Elena. “5 Top Tips to Write Effectively for PR.”PR in Your Pajamas: Practical Publicity for Entrepreneurs.”  Retrieved March 9, 2016, from




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