Changes in PR Tactics, How Spark PR plans to spark The ALS Association

Written by Casey Ochoa, co-strategy director

With the changes in new communication channels such as digital and social media, public relations professionals have to adjust their tactics to this new environment. Tactics have changed throughout the years as well as broadened, making organizations adapt how to effectively use these channels for their tactics. So the question public relations professionals ask themselves is: Are traditional PR tactics dying or can they be further enhanced?

According to PRSA writer, Karen Addis, she address this question. She asks, “Are Traditional Tactics Dead?” She explains that PR professionals should remain on top of current trends in the marketplace, traditional tactics are still important for any organizational communication.

She makes her readers realize that tens of million people still watch the news, listen to the radio and read the newspaper every day. She notes that traditional PR tactics are still an effective way to reach key audiences.

Since PR tactics and channels are constantly changing  Spark PR is providing The ALS Association with a variety of channels and platforms to distribute their messages. Spark PR has created a plan to use traditional and nontraditional media in its communication efforts to generate awareness about the organization. Furthermore, Spark PR has showed The ALS Association how to utilize both traditional and nontraditional tactics for our campaign.


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Now the next question every organization needs to ask themselves is: How do we find the equilibrium between a world of traditional and new media? According to Grant Christian, it depends on the ultimate goal of the organization. If the ultimate goal of the organization is to reach a broad range of people, they should use traditional media. However, if you want to target a more narrow audience, then new media may be the way to go.

Spark PR plans to mainly utilize new media (social/digital), along with print and broadcast media. Our main social platforms are Facebook and Twitter to reach our target audience. Using social media is cost-efficient and has a large reach. Additionally, Spark PR will use MailChimp to created a e-newsletters, an event, the “Red, White & Sneuax” gala, printed materials, a new ALS sponsorship packet, promotional flier for gala, talking points for various organization endeavors and broadcast media.

Below are examples of how Spark PR has utilized social media to help accomplish our tactics and communicate with our target audience. Along with our printed material for the upcoming “Red, White & Sneaux” gala.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.22.01 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.22.27 PM.png

 Image courtesy of The ALS Association Facebook page

Since tactics and channels are constantly changing, as public relations professionals we need to embrace this change and learn from it. Now that Spark PR has established The ALS’s Association tactics and channels for organizational communication, we must now continue to execute and evaluate our tactics and channels throughout our campaign.

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Casey Ochoa, co-strategy director


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