Spark PR Implements PR Strategies with The ALS Association

Written By: Casey Ochoa, co-strategy director

Spark PR is at the point of the campaign where we start to develop our strategies to grow The ALS Association over the next year, and determining which strategies will best help achieve its goal. Spark PR has formed a strategic plan geared toward our three goals for The ALS Association: to increase comprehension of The ALS Association Louisiana-Mississippi Chapter’s programs and services, to increase positive attitudes towards ALS and to increase funds.

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In public relations, the forming of strategies is crucial for the success of any campaign. According to Patrica Lotich, there are five steps in creating an effective PR strategy. These steps are:

  • Discovery – who the organization serves and who in the community interacts with the organization.
  • PR Plan – developing your strategic planning process.
  • PR Policy – the process to communicate with the organization’s key publics.
  • Plan Implementation – implementing the plan by looking at the budget and timetable.
  • Evaluation – evaluate how well the plan is working.

Spark PR has developed all of these steps when creating its strategies. We have discovered that the organization mainly wants to interact with potential donors and sponsors, which lead us to forming our strategic plan. To reach ALS’s key publics, we plan to use print and social media directed at its key publics to promote the organization and it’s fundraising events. Our second strategy to reach its key publics is to create opportunities for the public to be exposed to the ALS Association. Our final strategy is to promote all fundraising events and encourage donations/support using traditional and social media messaging directed toward Baton Rouge businesses and philanthropic individuals.

Now you may be asking yourself how we plan to put these strategies into effect. Spark PR has also developed several tactics to achieve our strategic goals. However, there is a distinct difference between PR strategies and tactics. According to Michael Porter of AdWeek, the main difference between a PR strategy and tactic are that a strategy is a larger overall plan that is comprised of several tactics, which are smaller and focused action items that are part of the overall plan. It is crucial for any PR campaign to understand the difference between the two in order to create effective strategies.

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Each one of Spark PR’s strategies is designed to influence potential donors and sponsors and effectively achieve The ALS Association’s goal of increasing funds and awareness. Our strategies are the reason behind each one of our tactics that will be taken into effect throughout our entire campaign.

Now that Spark PR has developed our PR strategy for The ALS Association, our team can now further develop the communication plans through the use of specific tactics and channels to distribute messages to its key audiences.

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Casey Ochoa, co-strategy director


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